Free full print floor plan

19-11-2013 by admin

Are you interested in downloading the full version, high resolution version of this floor plan in pdf format? Send me an email and I will send you the entire floor plan so you can see the full detail that goes in to one of my home designs.

Home design plans – 73 x 60

16-06-2011 by admin

Detailed house designing with architect home design

12-06-2011 by admin

Architect Home Design can be of great help to you if you are designing a new house or remodeling and changing the interiors of an old one. The process of architecture has not remained untouched with the revolution in technology and Architect Home Design is a proof of this. The process of designing houses on a paper with a two dimensional scope is not very realistic. Instead, you can use this amazing software to design the entire house and look at your designs three dimensionally.

With Architect Home Design, you can design the look of the house, the decks and landscapes, the different rooms, the kitchen, baths etc. easily because the software has separate options for different aspects of designing a house. You can place walls, cupboards, furniture, decorations, doors and windows and their positions can be changed quickly too.

It is very simple to learn how to use the software once you know the basics. There might be a few limitations of Architect Home Design when it comes to the professional creation of house plans. But when you are not working professionally, Architect Home Design is one of the best available software, which is easy to use and affordable at the same time.

Home design plans – 90 x 94

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Home design plans – 86 x 79

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Home design plans – 66 x 102

23-05-2011 by admin

Home design plans – 68 x 110

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