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Looking for some tips to build your dream home? Hi, my name is Michael B. Hyden and here are my latest videos that are also on my YouTube channel(don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you visit!). I will be giving you some insights in what ‘Things you didn’t know to ask’ before building your home in the San Antonio area or anywhere else in our great state of Texas. Any other questions you would like to see in a video, just let me know and I will keep updating on this page, so stay tuned!

Looking to make the house of your dreams a reality? Here is the first step: buy property!

It’s hard to know all the little things that go into your perfect home, that is why I am giving this series of videos with custom home tips so you have a better frame of reference before embarking on your amazing journey.

I discuss several property wind considerations in this installment of home design tips, aka ‘Things you didn’t know to ask’. There are so many different areas to consider when building a house, that is why more videos are to come on the subject, thanks for watching and feel free to contact me with any questions.

In this video I go over some useful tips on custom home building as far as stairs are concerned. After 40+ years in the business, I’ve picked up a few golden nuggets of insightful information that can help you in your pursuit of your dream home.

After laying down the foundation of your home, does it seem your home is smaller than you originally thought? Do not be alarmed, as a Residential Design Specialist I will explain why these distorted perspectives take place after the step of the home construction.

We are now discussing issues at the framing stage of building your custom home. More pictures? Always a good idea to keep records of your dream home in progress.

Knowing where you have your electric outlets in your custom home seems like an afterthought to most people, but during the construction of your home you can actually make these decisions easily. Choose now and get exactly the house you want.

In this installment of custom home tips, I will focus on stairs to show the most comfortable options for home owners in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas.

In this video of our ‘Things you didn’t know to ask’ series of custom home tips, I will discuss ideas and considerations when it comes to home additions. Whether building from scratch or adding extra parts to your home, a Residential Design Specialist like myself has the information you are looking for.

In our latest video of ‘Things you didn’t know to ask’, I have a friendly interview with Corey Turney of Light By Design. Corey has been an expert in his field of light design and gives us some insights in what to expect from the future of home lighting.

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