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Are you considering having a custom home designed by a professional but are not sure? I have had so many people talk about my work, but it speaks volumes to have video of some of those I have worked for and have seen my work ethic. See what others think of me and my design work in the following home design testimonials and feel free to give me a call or send me an email with any questions:

Bill and Brenda gave us the privilege of shooting video footage of their beautifully built custom home here in San Antonio, Texas. They also gave me an amazing testimonial(thanks again!) as well as a walk through tour of their lovely home.


Dear Mr. Hyden,
I just wanted to stop and take a moment to Thank you for your kindness to Heath and me. It has been an enormous blessing to us to see our dream come alive on paper. We so appreciate your generosity of your time and talent. Not only did we so enjoy our time remodeling our house, but more so hearing about life and getting to know you. It’s so rare to meet genuine people and it was quite refreshing and so very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Oh don’t think thank you will cut it but for lack of better words…Thank You! I know this gift does not scratch the surface of your generosity, but I hope it creates a memory worth more! Mr. Hyden, We never thanked you properly for your kindness you showed us. I apologize for the long delay. We are ever so grateful and really enjoying our home. It feels like its finally all coming together. It’s taken quite a bit of time, but all worth it. Other exciting news this Year we are expecting our first baby girl. Heath and I are excited as we approach this new season. Well I hope you and your lovely Wife are doing well! Thank You Again.

A Testimonial from Heath and Rachel


Bill Zeiger from Green Leaf Custom Homes gives us his view on the importance of finding a great residential design specialist to work with. Bill Zeiger has developed of 1400 custom homes and considers the customers needs before anything else, which is why he has trusted in Micheal Hyden for so many years. You can see Mr Zeiger’s work at his website:



Bobbie Hyden(my beautiful wife) gives her testimonial of work ethic, my enthusiasm and my passion for my design work. She has known me for over 10 years, so she understands me better than anyone else and understands what I really mean when I say: ‘I design a home for my client, it’s about what the client wants, not me’.

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