Hi. I am Michael B Hyden of Hyden Design Group, and I do custom homes in the San Antonio area; however, my specialty is residential design with an emphasis on new construction projects throughout South Texas.

I’m certified by both the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) as well as the local chapter for the Texas Institute of BuildingĀ  Design(TIBSD). This certification process enables me to work anywhere within the country where building codes are enforced because it states that you have passed a rigorous examination demonstrating your knowledge related to current laws governing homebuilding practices. What’s more, this allows me to understand code-related issues encountered during site inspections so they can be addressed before these items become costly problems requiring architectural solutions at additional cost or time invested but not budgeted for. I want to make sure that what you are getting out of the project is not only what you asked for but also what you wanted.

I strive to capture what my clients want in their home’s design by listening carefully to their lifestyle, personality, and tastes. From there, I work with them every step of the way during the architectural process so that they are clear about what’s being done, why it is being done, and ultimately what they are getting for their investment.

I am an architectural designer, but not a home designer. I design houses everyone can live in and enjoy throughout many years of memories and experiences. It’s the homeowners that make these houses into homes with their own personal style and taste.

I endeavor to be true to my client’s vision, but during the early stages of design, I do provide options based on their likes and dislikes as well as what we learn about their family’s needs throughout our discussions prior to starting a new project. Allowing flexibility, in the beginning, helps me understand who you are and what you are trying to accomplish with your home, making it easier when I provide you with design solutions later on in the process.

I also work with local trades throughout the San Antonio area so that they are aware of what is being designed or redesigned for my clients. This includes showing them plans and elevations at various stages during the architectural process so they are able to provide the best quality workmanship possible.

I have been building custom homes for more than 50 years throughout South Texas and look forward to working with you on your next new home or renovation project.